Everyone keeps asking me if the new Friday the 13th game is good. The short answer is, yes.


The follow up is, yes and it’s not likely that any triple A studio could ever do it better. There are legit gripes to have with the game, all centered around it being an indie release, but, in an age where Kickstarter games lead to more disappointment than a blind date from OKCupid, Gun Media should be praised for everything they’ve accomplished. Sometimes wait times to get into a game are prohibitive. Sometimes the game glitches out. However, whether you’re running from Jason or tracking down counselors, it’s absolute tons of screaming fun.


The chatter on the microphones is probably the single best and worst part of the game. I just find it ironic that no matter what era I’m experiencing Friday the 13th in, there is always someone shouting shit in my ear.