Overwatch celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary today and, as promised, there were¬†a lot of great new skins for the characters, but one that I was looking forward to a lot was Zarya. She’s a tall muscular stoic Russian lady. One of my favorite characters and while everyone of the other characters has gotten some cool new look, Zarya has been sorely neglected. Unfortunately, when the new skins were released Zarya’s was terrible. To make matters worse, D.Va got a 50s era pin up look that I, at first, mistook for Rosie the Riveter. I was incensed because I thought, “What a perfect look for Zarya who is far closer to Rosie than the little Korean gamer girl.”


I was mistaken. The aim of the D.Va skin was to make her mech look like a 50s era cruiser. However, Zarya’s skin was still crap and I had inadvertently been given a great idea for what would have served her better. So, voila! I think it turned out pretty good.


Fingers crossed for a Summer Games skin that can replace the one I’ve had on Zarya since the event last year. It’s seriously the only kind of good Legendary Skin she has ever gotten.